Airbending Scroll

A very old scroll left in the Southern Air Temple Library


A soft and delicate yellow scroll bearing the images of Airbending seeds.

Wind Burst (Seed)
Difficulty Class: 15
Components: Somatic
Bending Time: Standard action
Area: 5-ft radius burst centered on you
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex half
The air around you explodes in a circular burst. Creatures
within the area must make a Reflex save or take 4d4
bludgeoning damage. Subjects that fail their save are
subject to a bull rush attempt by the attack.
Use your Airbending check in place of your Strength check for
this attempt. The radius of effect can be increased by 5
per +5 added to the DC.

Breathstealer (Seed)
Difficulty Class: 35
Bending Time: Full-round action
Target: One breathing creature
Maintenance: Full Round Action
Duration: See text
Saving Throw: Fortitude negates; see text
You reach inside the subject’s body through an opening
and rip out their store of oxygen or other vital gas. If the
target succeeds on a Fort save when the form is activated,
it is unaffected; if it fails, it can still continue to breathe by
taking a full round action in each round to gasp for air.
After two rounds in which it takes a full round action to
breathe, the creature regains normal breath.
An affected creature can attempt to take actions normally
instead, but each round it does so, beginning in the round
when it failed its initial save, the subject risks blacking out
from lack of oxygen. It must succeed on another Fortitude
save at the end of any of its turns in which it did not
consciously take a breath. The DC of this save increases by
2 in every consecutive round after the first one that goes
by without a breath; the DC drops back to its original
value if the subject spends an action to take a breath.
If a subject fails one of the subsequent (not the initial)
saves, it is rendered unconscious for the next 1d10
minutes, or until healed or given first aid, and the form


Each seed on this scroll takes time to learn. To learn one seed a bender must spend a total of one hour per 10 difficulty class practicing (for example, DC 15 seed requires one hour while DC 20 requires 2). At the end of each hour a Concentration and Bending check must be made with a DC equal to the bending seed DC. If either check is failed you must practice for another hour to attempt the check again. When practice is finished the seed is learned and may be used. If taught with the assistance of someone who already knows the seed the time needed to learn the seed is cut in half. (minimum 1 hour)

Airbending Scroll

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