Vaatu is the spirit of chaos and darkness in the world.


Vaatu is the spirit of chaos and darkness in the world. In 19,830 BSC, Vaatu began to combat his natural opposite, Raava, the spirit of peace, light and balance. His essence swayed the spirits to the dark side, transforming them into dark spirits.


Vaatu is one of the oldest known spirits, having existed over ten thousand lifetimes before the appearance of the first humans. He and Raava spent much of their existence combating each other, with neither able to fully vanquish the other; even if Vaatu were to destroy Raava and plunge the world into darkness, what little good was in him would magnify until a new Raava burst forth, beginning the cycle again. The reverse would happen to Raava if she were victorious over Vaatu.

Vaatu was the first spirit to cross over into the mortal world by breaking down the barrier that separated it from the plane of spirits, subsequently allowing other spirits to do the same. In the ten thousand years since that breakthrough, Vaatu had been in conflict with Raava and was restrained by his light counterpart. However, when Wan arrived during their battle, Vaatu seized his opportunity and tricked Wan into separating him from Raava. Free to roam the world, he spread chaos wherever he went, growing stronger and weakening the light in the process.

During his travels around the world, he discovered a hidden village of men atop an airbending lion turtle. His presence transformed the peaceful spirits living there to rageful entities. However, Wan and Raava’s intervention prevented him from laying waste to the village. He taunted Raava over growing weaker due to his spreading chaos and threatened to destroy her forever during the upcoming Harmonic Convergence, which would take place a year later.

Vaatu battling Wan and Raava for supremacy right before the Harmonic Convergence takes place.
Vaatu met with Raava and Wan once more at another conflict between spirits and humans. Vaatu turned the spirits’ anger against them, turning them into dark spirits. After the battle was over, Vaatu told Wan that the humans had been slain and that he should enjoy his last days before he would destroy the world.

When the time for the Harmonic Convergence drew near, Vaatu used the northern spirit portal to travel to the Spirit World where he was set to battle Raava for supremacy. However, it was not the light spirit alone that he faced, as Wan had teamed up with her. Vaatu was challenged by Wan, though he brushed away the threat in the challenge, claiming that no human could stand against him. A battle between the two ensued during which Vaatu had the upper hand. When he was about to kill Wan, the human merged with Raava, and Wan managed to escape Vaatu for a moment. However, the dark spirit managed to beat his merged opponents down, pinning them to the ground next to the southern spirit portal at the moment the Harmonic Convergence began.

Having lost to a permanently joined Wan and Raava, Vaatu is imprisoned inside a tree in the Spirit World.

Vaatu looked up at the combining of the spirit portals, taking his focus off Wan, who used that time to merge permanently with Raava by touching one of the portals near him, increasing his power. In the ensuing battle, Vaatu was trapped by Wan in a sphere of air that was surrounded by the four elements. Captured in this elemental cage, he was forced inside the hollow of a large tree where he would remain locked inside of. With Vaatu’s influence neutralized, the spirits he turned to the darkness were able to regain the balance within themselves. To ensure Vaatu’s imprisonment for eternity, Wan closed both the Northern and Southern spirit portals so no human would ever be able to physically enter the Spirit World again and release Vaatu.

As the spirit of chaos and darkness, Vaatu has the ability to magnify the negative emotions inside other spirits, swaying them to give in to the darker sides of their natures. He feeds upon this very negativity, increasing his power and size vastly. His airy and transparent body allows him to fly and be unharmed when his body gets severed by an attack, though it has enough substance to enter physical combat produce kinetic force. He also has the ability to shoot purple energy blasts from his “face”.



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