Wolfbat Vampire


Marcus can only take two forms. One form is a massive biped bat-like humanoid, while the other a large menacing Wolfbat.


Marcus was one of the three brothers who were turned into the Wolfbats. The spirit that corrupted Marcus forced a bat spirit into him, and corrupted them with his hatred, turning him into a monster. Marcus lost all his intelligence, and along with his incredible physical abilities he gained a lust for the blood of men, and unable to ever take human form again, only his humanoid bat form or that of a massive WolfBat. Those bitten by Marcus are turned into one of the Vampire Spawn. The vampires can only take one form, which is a humanoid that appears much as a normal person, but with menacing eyes, terrible fangs, and the speed and strength of 5 men.

Marcus is currently in a deep slumber, stabbed with one of the WolfBat stakes by the Champions of the White Lotus.



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