Jeong Jeong

Fire general armor covers the body of this fierce firebender


Jeong Jeong is charismatic and charming, but has fierce ambition in his eyes and is completely and totally indoctrinated in the dogma of the Fellowship of the Imperial Order. Tutored by Brother Narev himself, Jeong Jeong is a ever faithful follower, and unfortunately a brilliant military strategist


Jeong Jeong is a fierce and loyal follower of the doctrine of the Fellowship of the Imperial Order. He believes that the only way to peace is through complete and total domination of the world. He grew up in the capital city of the fire nation, Altur’Rang, and like the rest of their people was indoctrinated into the beliefs of the imperial order, believing that the “creator” guides their mission to conquer the world. They believe they are the chosen race and other benders work for the Keeper to enslave or divide mankind, using their power to rule over man, while firebenders protect and watch over him. Jeong Jeong was friends with Aumanil until their beliefs thrust them into different sides of a war, and now they fight one another to decide the fate of the world.


Jeong Jeong

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