Plantbender of the Foggy Swamp


Huu is a Waterbending master from the Foggy Swamp Tribe. Huu is able to bend the water inside plants and vines. Huu uses Waterbending to bend the moisture inside the vines in the swamp. He has mastered this technique to the point that it appears he is actually bending the vine itself. As he is the only known user of this technique, it’s likely that he’s its creator. Covering his body with these vines, Huu pretends to be a large swamp monster. As the swamp monster, Huu scares away anyone who may harm the swamp, but any friend of the Foggy Swamp is a friend of Huu.


Huu acts as the guardian of the swamp and protects it from anyone who would want to harm it. He reached enlightenment while sitting under the great banyan grove tree in the middle of the swamp. Clearly the wisest member of the tribe, Huu believes that all living things are connected to one another. Having become so connected to the swamp, Huu has made it his duty to protect it at all costs, a task he seems proficient at, scaring off people who happen to wander into it. Despite the apparent lack of political structure in the swamp, other swamp Waterbenders appear to respect Huu.



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