Hung Ru

A Earth Kingdom General from the Council of Five



Hung Ru is most famous for the city he founded, Hung Ru City. Hung Ru City is named after the man who founded it, General Hung Ru. Hung Ru was the leader of the council of five, the 5 generals who command the kings armies of Ba Sing Se. When the Imperial Order began to move east, their propaganda campaign of religious conversion and slander against The Avatar had already gone a long way to divide and demoralize the people of The Land of Earth. Many people began believing the words of the Order, wanting to join them. Others wanted to bunker down and defend themselves. Hung Ru was alone amongst the leaders of Ba Sing Se in fighting against the lies and hostility of the Empire, and after the nations to the west fell to the Empire, and then many of Ba Sing Se’s western territories, the General was able to rally the people into an offensive strategy that stopped the Imperial advance in its tracks. A huge city was built in his name after a small but successful against empire troops led by Hung Ru. Hung Ru was killed in the events of Session 2, and a much more conservative general has taken his place, advocating an isolationist policy within the underground fortress of the capitol, citing Hung Ru’s demise on the front lines as result of his foolish policies and reckless tactics. Hung Ru City stands proud of the man it was founded by and is a large source of trade, agriculture, and production.


Hung Ru

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