A greater spirit of Lust and Prophecy. Also a powerful Water spirit.


Long white hair flows over her elegant blue and white fur coat, barely covering her luscious figure. Soft skin almost sparkles on a pale face with dark lips, the sight of her is pure ecstasy, and then you look into her icy blue eyes….


Eros is the original spirit of Lust, Love, Intercourse, and Beauty. She is older than most spirits in existence and resides just inside the deep Spirit World, making her one of the more powerful spirits. She has seduced countless oblivious heroes to unknown ends and is known for the famous love interest she had in the Earthbending Avatar Zeng Ku. Legend has it he even lost his fabled sword made of crystalline earth in her bedchamber residing in the spirit world, being so distracted by her charms. She is a master waterbender and can see brief visions of the future that come to her in chaotic flashes as her essence drifts through time like fish through a raging and uncontrollable river. Her beauty is only matched by her cunning intelligence, and although she holds her secrets close, all who know of her know she could fear nothing more than being subjected to the will of another.



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