The first of the "Enlightened"


Long ago, during the first unleashing of the Wolfbat Spawn, a man of the northern water tribe by the name of Victor was bit by a vampire spawn. Knowing his doom would soon be at hand, he fled to the west. Alone in the north pole, he begun to turn, but not as others had. Victors immune system seemed to be resistant, but not immune to the virus. He changed, gaining the strength and temperament of a Vampire, along with the hunger for human blood, but without the loss of intelligence or change into the winged creatures that were the vampire spawn. Victor took hold of his new power and began infecting others, passing the virus along with his resistance to it, until he had a following of immortal servants he called The Enlightened. For a time he possessed great power, even using Werewolf Spawn as enslaved guards. His reign would come to an end violently and for reasons unknown, but rumors say he did not perish himself, and went into hiding to evade Avatar Katsurik who hunted down and slew the Wolfbat Spawn, entombing the original three deep within a mountain prison.





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