Blade Master Motoru

A simple dressed swordsman


Dressed in the simple robes of a swordsman from the Northern Water Tribe.


Motoru is the uncle of Aumanil, and the oldest of the royal family after Aumanil’s parents died. Motoru is a master swordsman, and has always seen a weapons master to be superior to the normally arrogant attitude of benders. Motoru always liked Aumanil, and taught him a wide perspective on life that was not entirely focused on his bending abilities. Teaching him to never see himself as above others who are without the gift of bending. As he proved in sparring matches many times, a non-bender is more than capable of defeating even a skilled bender, a lesson Aumanil took to heart. Motoru is a member of the High Council.
Motoru is now the chief of the Northern Water Tribe, following the duel of fates between Aumanil and his brother Akodo.

Blade Master Motoru

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