Avatar Katsurik

Blue and white robes cover this powerful waterbender


White hair flows down behind his battle hardened face, his fierce gaze penetrating into your soul. Duty is the only word to describe this avatar.
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Katsurik was the Avatar 4,800 years ago and he was the one who first fought the immortal wolf bats. All that is known of it comes from legend, and legend says he locked them away for all time after decades of pursuing and killing their spawn and eventually being unable to find a way to kill the three immortals. Amongst his people he was known as the White Wolf.
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Rumor has it he once wrote a diary of his struggle against the monsters, the truth of this is unknown. If such a journal did exist it would be in the north pole, where he was born and buried. He was known for wearing a necklace with the head of a white wolf as the pendant.


Avatar Katsurik

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