Avatar Fow Rung

Mighty Earthender Avatar


Fow Rung wore thick green robes that swayed behind him as he walked. Fow often carried swords on his back, despite being The Avatar. When asked why someone capable of bending all the elements carried a weapon, he always replied “Because it makes me look dashing!”.


Avatar Fow Rung was the Avatar who led the revolt that finally overthrow the tyrannical rule of the Exalted Emporium. When the leader of the Emporium inadvertently created a massive bridge to the Spirit World during a failed ritual at the Obsidian Spire it released a myriad of evil spirits that blighted the land. When Fow Rung overthrew the empire, in a unprecedented display of Earthbending he created massive mountainous peaks and rivers of lava around the corrupted area. This wall kept the evil spirits trapped within the Shadowlands. This barrier is known as the Jagged Wall.


Avatar Fow Rung

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