Akima is a young, and ferocious Firebender


Akima, a young and powerful Firebender, is from the Exalted Emporium. She wears revealing red robes. Akima was extremely beautiful and her long dark hair complements her fair complexion.


Akima was raised with Nicci and for a long time they were best friends. The two girls were among the very best Firebenders of their age, but Nicci was always one step above her and was seen as a prodigy. Akima, constantly seeking to validate her own bending prowess, quickly became rivals with Nicci. After years, their relationship became extremely heated. It infuriated Akima that Nicci, who gave no heed to traditions of the Emporium, found her power so easily. When Nicci died, Akima quickly volunteered her services to Veradin to replace her past rival. Akima was always volatile and emotional, and although she hated Nicci for many reasons she wanted to be the one to defeat Nicci herself. Now, that victory was stolen from her and she wants nothing more than to defeat the warriors that killed Nicci; the Champions of the White Lotus and forever prove herself superior to her lifelong rival.



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