• Aumanil


    Waterbender, Champion of the White Lotus Alliance
  • Fang Po Po

    Fang Po Po

    Airbender, Champion of the White Lotus Alliance
  • Fow Bang Chow

    Fow Bang Chow

    Earthbender, Protector of The Avatar, Champion of the White Lotus Alliance, Supreme Master of Vigil's Keep
  • Kio (Zen)

    Kio (Zen)

  • Rongo


    The heat of flame and the cool of discipline
  • Talin


    "I have lived, and have not lived in vain. My body may lose its force, my mind its fire, and my frame perish even in conquering pain. But there is that within me that shall tire torture and time and breathe when I expire."
  • Adar the Bronze Beserker

    Adar the Bronze Beserker

    A burly hulk of a man wielding a massive blue battle hammer
  • Akima


    Akima is a young, and ferocious Firebender
  • Angela


    Angela the Herbalist is skilled at healing with Waterbending.
  • Aunt Wu

    Aunt Wu

    An old woman in gold robes carrying a small book.
  • Avatar Fow Rung

    Avatar Fow Rung

    Mighty Earthender Avatar
  • Avatar Jaraiya

    Avatar Jaraiya

    Jaraiya wears simple red robes and other fire nation garbs. He has sharp white hair and red face paint under his eyes, with a longsword hanging above his right shoulder.
  • Avatar Katsurik

    Avatar Katsurik

    Blue and white robes cover this powerful waterbender
  • Avatar Zeng Ku

    Avatar Zeng Ku

    Common earth kingdom garb covers a rock hard body of muscle
  • Blacksmith


    simple blacksmith clothes and hammer
  • Blade Master Motoru

    Blade Master Motoru

    A simple dressed swordsman
  • Brother Narev

    Brother Narev

    Brown robes cover this elderly firebender
  • Bullseye


    A dark hooded figure, carrying little other than dark leather armor and a brown bow
  • Canyon Crazy

    Canyon Crazy

    A disheveled man with crazy hair.
  • Captain Lee

    Captain Lee

    Captain Lee has dark hair and a beard and wears the red and black armor of the imperial order.
  • Captain Meriffet

    Captain Meriffet

    Light plate armor of a lotus officer and shoulder length black hair.
  • Captain Sulu

    Captain Sulu

    A old and experience captain.
  • Cecilia


    Light purple hair, skin tight armor, knives, knives, and more knives..... and shurikens.....and maybe poison darts.....
  • Chief Akodo

    Chief Akodo

    Ornamental Water Tribe armor
  • Chief Tenzo

    Chief Tenzo

    Tenzo wears light blue robes
  • Con'ry


    A cute little badger mole
  • Dagato


    A dark and intimidating Earthbender
  • Dai Long

    Dai Long

    Shoulder length black hair covers eyes filled with ambition
  • Doc Q

    Doc Q

    A huge and burly man
  • Earth King Guan Low

    Earth King Guan Low

    The Earth King
  • Emperor Jangang

    Emperor Jangang

    Intelligent, Brutal, Narrow Minded, Unyielding
  • Endrin


    The founder of the Exalted Emporium
  • Eros


    A greater spirit of Lust and Prophecy. Also a powerful Water spirit.
  • Fang


    A small red dragon
  • Gamble (Tomo)

    Gamble (Tomo)

    Tomo is a thin man with a long grin, also known as "Gamble"
  • General Mou Long

    General Mou Long

    The oldest of the Earth King's Generals
  • General Zimmer

    General Zimmer

    The second in command in the Lotus Alliance
  • Gunner


    A ranged weapons specialist
  • Gyo


    The flying lemur
  • Hephaestus


    Smithing clothes cover this powerfully built spirit
  • Hido


    A huge and imposing sailor
  • Higen


    A huge lotus soldier
  • High General Reibesch

    High General Reibesch

    A barrel chested man with a strong brow and deep eye sockets. His broad jaw hides behind a rust colored beard.
  • High General Zu Ten

    High General Zu Ten

    Imperial Order General
  • Hiruzen Sarutobi

    Hiruzen Sarutobi

    White hair and armor with green accents.
  • Hung Ru

    Hung Ru

    A Earth Kingdom General from the Council of Five
  • Huu


    Plantbender of the Foggy Swamp
  • Jeong Jeong

    Jeong Jeong

    Fire general armor covers the body of this fierce firebender
  • Kallie


    A beautiful young woman with long blonde hair
  • Kaylee


    Young women from the Land of Earth
  • Keeper and Creator

    Keeper and Creator

    Light and Dark. Order and Chaos. Life and Death. Good and Evil. Described in infinitely different ways by infinitely different people.
  • Kiachi Ashihama

    Kiachi Ashihama

    A very old hermit
  • King Matsumoto

    King Matsumoto

    The Earthbender King of Omashu
  • Knight Justicar Hablion

    Knight Justicar Hablion

    Knight Justicar.
  • Kunon


    A Emporium Waterbender
  • Kyah


    This beautiful young woman has white hair and fair skin.
  • Kyoso


    A serpentine female spirit
  • Leoma


    Heavily armored female warrior
  • Lord Endril

    Lord Endril

    A dark and powerful bender and blood ritualist.
  • Lucian


    First of the Lycan
  • Marcus


    Wolfbat Vampire
  • Master Buko

    Master Buko

    A man in his 50s who wears thick blue robes
  • Merissa


    No emotion is shown in her dark, featureless eyes
  • Mia


    A huge white flying sky bison
  • Monk Arhat

    Monk Arhat

    Monk garbs flow gracefully behind this wise and spiritual leader
  • Mooshie


    A dark eyed man with a thick ponytail.
  • Nicci


    Known as Deaths Mistress, she wears only black, contrasting her divine fair skin and long blonde hair
  • Orabos


    The Demon God Beast of the Shadowlands
  • Raava


    Raava is the spirit of peace and light in the world.
  • Sal


    Mozzie's beloved pack mule, she follows him with an unusual trust.
  • Scylla the Dragon

    Scylla the Dragon

    A young large sized silver dragon
  • Sovereign Genjuu

    Sovereign Genjuu

    The political leader of the White Mantel
  • Tashi


    A young but powerful airbender with traditional monk robes and airbender tattoos.
  • Togashi


    A monk with animal tattoos
  • Vaatu


    Vaatu is the spirit of chaos and darkness in the world.
  • Valseran


    Wolfbat Hybrid
  • Vasco


    A bearded man with an eyepatch.
  • Veradin


    Dark robes cover the tattooed body of this very shadowed and powerful airbender
  • Victor


    The first of the "Enlightened"
  • Wan Shi Tong

    Wan Shi Tong

    An ancient and powerful spirit of knowledge.
  • William


    Wolfbat Werewolf
  • Yushka


    Dressed in ocean green and wielding a wicked scythe