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The capital city of the Fellowship of the Imperial Order. Altur’Rung sits where the future capital of the Fire Nation will be when the four nations are eventually founded. This is currently the seat of power for Emperor Jangang and Brother Narev. The city is one of the larger cities in the Four Lands. It has a distinct layout, consisting of a harbor surrounded by a dock and the Royal Plaza, an industrial Harbor City behind the Plaza, buildings and homes scattered around the surrounding hills, and finally, another neighborhood in the crater of a dormant volcano known as Caldera, where the elite live around the Royal Palace. The city has extensive defense works and is heavily fortified. The city has a massive population, much of which is dominated by slums. Many people in the Order spend their lives preaching the Order instead of making a life for themselves, mindlessly following its’ tenets and praying to the “Creator” to provide, causing much of the population to fall into poverty. The Order brothers, or priests, encourage these mindless followers and reward them with meager food rations. To seek to increase your status in society is seen as a insult to the Order, as this life should only be about the creators will and never ones own selfish desires. The inherent contradictions in these teachings are many and obvious to those who oppose the Order, but are lost on those who follow it.



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